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News & updates from GoldenDNA

Optigen Discount at 2018 GRCA National Specialty

The GRCA National Specialty is just around the corner.

Once again, for the 11th consecutive year, there will be a collection of DNA for Optigen testing for: prcd-PRA, PRA1, PRA2, Ichthyosis and DM. Golden Retriever Foundation donates the cost of collection and shipping, and participants pay only Optigen for the cost of the testing. The price for the bundle of the 4 primary tests, is $164. The DM test can be added for an additional $45. The discount is active from Oct. 1-31. If you order less than the full “bundle”, 25% discount will apply to the regular test price. Truly, if you need more than one test, you get the best bang for your buck by just ordering the whole bundle.

You MUST get on the “Master List” by contacting Gerry at

You do NOT use the Optigen website to sign up. There is a special form. If not already there, it should turn up there soon. Gerry can also send you the form individually.

If you have new dogs you wish to add to the OFA DNA databank, Golden Retriever Foundation also collects for that at the Specialty and pays the OFA fee for that. So, it is FREE for participants at the Specialty. Gerry has that form, too, if you need it.

Not everyone gets to the Specialty, but you CAN still get the Optigen discount! Contact Gerry for the form.

Sign-up for the Master List begins now!

Where’s My Dog

Some of you may be wondering, “Where’s my dog?” You’ve sent in your submission, but your dog isn’t listed on the site yet.

Our apologies.

We’ve been inundated with submissions over the past months. And the tracking of who’s submitted which pieces—the online form submission vs. the copy of the test results—has become increasing difficult to manage.

Additionally, we’ve been working on several major updates—structural and functional—to the site which further limits the time available for data entry by our volunteer webmaster.

However, these updates should speed the process in three ways:

  1. Eliminate the need for repetitive data entry
  2. Allow test results to be attached and included with the DNA test submission form
  3. Allow the owner to manage their dog’s information—name, pedigree link, contact information, etc.*

We are currently testing the site updates. If you’d like to help, please contact us and we’ll send you the details on how to get involved.

In the meantime, we’re slogging through the backlog. In order to prevent duplicate work they are being added to the test site. They will go live as soon as the newly revised site does.

Thank you for your patience.

* Because all test results are verified before posting, only GoldenDNA staff will be able to access/publish these results.