Frequently Asked Questions

So you have more questions about how it all works? Check out these frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, please contact us.

1. Where is my dog’s listing?
A dog will only be listed on the site if:

  • their information has been submitted AND
  • they have DNA test results that have been submitted and verified

2. Why is my dog’s test result still pending?
If you’ve submitted your dog’s test results using the online form, but that test hasn’t yet been published to the site, then we’re still waiting for a copy of the results in order to verify the information supplied. If you’ve already sent in a copy of your results—either through email or snail mail, please contact the webmaster and she’ll check into the situation.

3. How do I submit my test results?
There are three ways to send us a copy of your test results so we can verify your submission:

  • Attach a digital copy (JPG, PNG, PDF) to your submission form (see Image Upload on submission form.)
  • Email a digital copy to the site administrator at results(at)
  • Mail a paper copy to the site administrator (Please, contact us for the mailing address)

For the fastest results, please attach your results to your submission or send in your results electronically.

4. Why didn’t my test results image upload?
Was it the correct image format? It’s best to save your image as a .JPEG (.JPG), .PNG, or .PDF. Was it the right size? There is a 2 MB limit for uploads to this site. If your file was too big, it will not upload.

5. How do I post a “clear-by-parentage” status for my dog?
The GoldenDNA web site records the results of DNA tests owners have had done for their Golden Retrievers. If your dog is “clear-by-parentage” and you have not tested their DNA, their clear status can not be recorded on GoldenDNA. You can post their status on If you have tested their DNA, please submit their results and we will post them to the site after verification.

6. Why can’t I login to the website?
We are having intermittent problems with notification emails not being sent out by the site. Please check your “Spam” or “Junk” folder. If you have newly registered for an account and you do not receive a notification email with the link to activate the account, please contact the webmaster. She can activate your account for you.

If you have been able to access your account, but are having problems now, you may be using an incorrect username or password at login. Please contact the webmaster. She will be able to look-up your account information.