About GoldenDNA

The purpose of this database is to record the results of DNA testing performed on individual Golden Retrievers. The sole goal is to preserve this information for future generations of breeders and fanciers worldwide who wish to breed and maintain healthy Golden Retrievers.

There is no charge for listing a dog on the database. There is no charge for using the database website for reference purposes. The database is maintained by volunteers and voluntary contributions from Golden Retriever fanciers and is not affiliated with or operated by the Golden Retriever Club of America.

The availability of this database is not meant to preclude using any other databases that are available for confirming health information and pedigree accuracy. This database is meant to compliment these other breeding tools.

Since there is believed to be more than one form of inherited PRA in Golden Retrievers, if a dog affected with PRA has been tested for prcd-PRA and the gene is not present, there will be a notation of type unknown for such a dog.

If any owners wish to submit the names of dogs who were diagnosed with PRA but whose diagnosis occurred before the availability of DNA testing, such requests will be considered, and a way of notating such occurrences of PRA will be devised. This same situation may also apply to dogs who were diagnosed with PRA when testing was available, but who were not tested for the prcd-PRA gene. It will be required that evidence of the diagnosis by an ACVO be supplied with the request for listings of dogs with physical evidence of PRA (but with no DNA testing information available). Owner permission for publication of the names of these dogs is, of course, also required.

It is not clear at this time how the protocol of clear by parentage will be used for Golden Retrievers. In some breeds, dogs are tested every other generation. Clear by parentage is only acceptable for first-generation offspring of dogs who have tested free of the gene in question. This is based upon the understanding that the canine genome may be quite susceptible to mutations. Thus, actual testing every other generation is a precaution against a mutation occurring un-noticed if breeding stock is not continually monitored by actual DNA testing.

At the time that this database is begun, the only DNA test available for Golden Retrievers is the one for prcd-PRA. However, the database will allow expansion to include other DNA tests as they become available.

Participating in the Database

The information on DNA test results is submitted by the owner of the dog and validated by the test result identification number of the testing laboratory. This information is published in this database only with the owner’s specific permission. Participation in this database is voluntary. Thus, this database may not contain all the Golden Retrievers who have been DNA tested for any specific disorder. It always remains the final responsibility of the breeder or puppy purchaser to verify such information with the owners of the individual Golden Retrievers involved in a mating.

If a dog listed in the database should change ownership, the dog’s inclusion in the database will remain intact, based on the permission of the original owner to publish the results. A new owner may request that his/her name also be reflected in the database. If any new owner does not make that request, the database may not correctly reflect the current owner of the dog.

Information is added to the database by the webmaster, or those assigned to do so by the webmaster. Data can not be added or changed by unauthorized individuals. This is to protect the accuracy of the database.

Using the Database

Any interested party may use the information in this database for pedigree research purposes.

The information may not be reproduced for any purpose without the express written permission of the domain owner. If you are breeding a litter or purchasing a puppy, you will have access to this health screening information directly from the owner(s) of the dog(s). Thus, this database is will not be considered as your primary source.

Any questions regarding specific information on any dog(s) listed in the database may be addressed to the webmaster or the owner of the dog listed.

The webmaster can only address questions regarding typographical/data errors Any other questions should be presented directly to the owner(s) of the dog(s).

Each owner is asked to provide an email address for contact purposes of the webmaster duties. However, email addresses of owners will not be published or given out unless the dog owner specifically gives permission to the webmaster to publish the email address in the database.

The webmaster will not act as a resource for contacting owners for inquiries if the email address is not published in the database.

The webmaster is not responsible for any owner email address changes that may occur. It is advisable for all participants to keep the webmaster current when email address changes occur. The webmaster will not be responsible for the lack of accuracy in such published email addresses because the webmaster is dependent upon participants for keeping email addresses current.

Additional information about prcd-PRA may be found at the website for Optigen LLC, www.Optigen.com. As of June 26, 2008, the Optigen website has not been updated to reflect the most recent information on additional carriers found in the latter part of 2007 through June 26, 2008.

An overview of prcd-PRA in Golden Retrievers is provided on another page of this site with the use of an article, with the author’s permission, which appeared in the Nov-Dec 2007 issue of the Golden Retriever News, official publication of the Golden Retriever Club of America. (1)

(1) Golden Retriever News and Golden Retriever Club of America are copyrights (trademarks) belonging to the Golden Retriever Club of America.